Terms & Conditions

1. Subscriber will declare that the information and data given are correct. In case of any false information, the Subscriber will be liable to appropriate legal action.

2. Subscriber will not share his/her connection with anybody's PC or use more computers than mentioned. Otherwise, Jessore IT(ISP) can discontinue the line.

3. Jessore IT(ISP) may install HUB/Switch or another device any time and the Subscriber is obligated to provide space and power outlet for that purpose.

4. Due to an electric short circuit to thunder if any damage occurs Jessore IT(ISP) are not responsible for it.

5. The one-time installation charge (OTC) is not refundable.

6. The monthly bill or line rent has to be paid to Jessore IT(ISP) on a prepaid basis.

7. If the bill is not paid on a prepaid basis of the respective month to the Jessore IT(ISP) office, the line will be off without any prior notice.

8. Jessore IT(ISP) may change or modify this agreement of prices and may discontinue or revise all other aspects of the internet service at its own discretion and with prior notice.

9. Subscriber can stop his/her internet service by completing a short formality with Jessore IT(ISP) one month earlier.

10. After unsubscribing our connectivity Jessore IT(ISP) with take-back cables and other devices which we have been providing to establish a connection.

11. The subscriber shall not use the connection for any illegal purpose.